SMS Connector

Cocoapp offers you a robust and powerful tool for managing your SMS communications.

Manage communications with your team

Whether it is for a team of 5, 1000, 10 000 or more, Cocoapp will allow you to keep in touch in real time. A powerful tool for small and large businesses who need to manage communications with their teams.

    • Official messages to your employees
    • Absence management and shift replacement
    • Shift reminder ex: medical field
    • Urgent messages to your team
    • Specific messages by subgroups of team members

Manage communications with your customers

Cocoapp allows you to convert your leads, identify your loyal customers, your opportunities and potential crises. Managing your customers’ SMS has never been easier

    • Cocoapp creates a contact card for each message or interaction
    • The history of your contacts messages and your replies
    • By classification with labels, convert your contacts into leads
    • Management by client groups
    • Appointment reminder (bi-directional)
    • Secure and centralised management

Simplify your time!

Manage your inbound messages

Cocoapp is an inbox for your SMS interactions and presents each SMS received in the interface so you can manage them.

Keep your number

Activate two-way SMS messaging while keeping your business phone number and without changing your telephone provider.

Contact Management

Cocoapp becomes your contact book.

Each person who leaves a message becomes a Cocoapp contact.

You can assign tags to each contact and view the contact’s comment history.

Converting your contacts into leads

Cocoapp becomes your export tool.

Thanks to the labels, you can filter your contacts, export them and make a targeted campaign using your favourite tool.

Centralised platform

Cocoapp becomes the backbone.

We developed Cocoapp to provide agencies and businesses the ability to manage multiple clients (workspaces) under one platform.

Secure platform

Cocoapp becomes your protection.

Secure encryption

Acting as an intermediary between your team and your customers, Cocoapp secures the administration of your system

Are you an agency?

We developed Cocoapp with the goal to offer agencies the facility to manage multiple clients (workspaces) under a single platform.

A single user account can allow you to manage several of your customers independently!

Each of your customers can subscribe to the package that suits them.

Simplify your time!

Centralised communication of your team and your customers

Convert your leads.

To identify your loyal customers,

your opportunities and potential crises.

You have questions?

Would you like to discuss a customized solution for your team? Are you an agency?

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss our solutions with you.

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