Our support team can be reached at any time via email at [email protected]

We are constantly working on adding new connectors to our platform.

Our communication platform is constantly evolving. You will see new features regularly, many coming from suggestions from our users. We encourage you to share your comments or suggestions via email at [email protected]. Include details about your usage and how we can improve your experience.

Yes of course, Cocoapp is a service that was built by Appwapp an agency specialised in web and mobile development. We are able to design a solution specifically for you.

Yes, you can manage SMS messaging by sub-groups.

It’s possible to export your contacts, then to make a Facebook advertising campaign via the unique Facebook identifiers of your contacts. Add a filter to target even wider. You can re-target these contacts, people who match (or don’t) match this list or people who are not on this list. This will make your campaigns more focused on your needs.

You will lose the contacts, as well as all the reactions and comments that are created during this disconnected period. All existing contacts and messages remain.

  • You can group your contacts by applying one or more labels.
  • It is then possible to filter your contacts by label and export this filtered list. Other utilities will follow soon, particularly in terms of analytical reports.

You can share details about a customer with your colleagues who use the platform (eg: a personal preferences, buying habits, etc.). They can also be used to guide future conversations with that contact.

The file must be in standard .XSLX format, which is a standard to many spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. An example of the format is available for download.

The file will be in standard .XSLX format, which is a standard to many spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Note that the export will be done on the current contact list, so you can filter your list to better target your needs.

More and more SMS operators mark messages with short links as SPAM. Malicious users often rely on these services to signal their true intentions. That said, it’s a good idea to shorten your URLs to maximize the usability of your post. Some services even offer click statistics.

Here is an unofficial list of URL shorteners to avoid via SMS:

  • bit.do
  • bit.ly
  • carebank.site
  • drvline.site
  • eatngage.com
  • goo.gl
  • healthsettle.pw
  • ht.ly
  • is.gd
  • ow.ly
  • rebrand.ly
  • t.co
  • tiny.cc
  • tinyurl.com
  • x.co

Our team recommends using a lesser-known service, such as https://www.shorturl.at

We offer a full API documented here: https://github.com/appwapp/cocoapp.api.docs

This includes code modules to help your team integrate texting into your app.

Contact our team for more technical assistance.