Privacy Policy


This document presents the privacy statement (the “ Statement “) implemented by Cocoapp (“ COCOAPP ” or “ us “), owner and developer of the Cocoapp application and its specialized modules, and of the website in order to ensure the preservation of the confidentiality of your personal or confidential information and respect for your private life.


“Personal information” is information about a natural person and used to identify him. For example, personal information may include name, contact information (mailing address and telephone number, e-mail address), date of birth, as well as application access information.

This declaration applies to actions taken by Cocoapp with regard to the personal information of individuals and, depending on the context, with regard to confidential or sensitive information (collectively referred to as the “Information”) which is registered in Cocoapp in the framework of the use of the service.


Cocoapp determines the purposes for which it collects personal information, before or at the time of collection, unless these purposes are obvious. It is possible that Cocoapp may collect and use information from a third party when permitted by law and with the consent of the individual in all other cases.

We collect information through our applications when you register as customers. In particular, we collect your name, email address, mailing address and telephone numbers. To complete your registration, you will be given a username (which may or may not reveal your identity, at your choice) and an access code. It is your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your access code. Once registered, you are allowed to change your access code using the device provided for this purpose.

We also collect through the forms on our website the information you choose to send us such as your name, surname and email address. The information collected makes it possible to respond to your request (eg: request for information) or to give you access to privileged resources (eg: promotions, webinars). The information collected allows us to establish your customer, visitor or other profile and to better meet your needs. Information collected through web forms is only used by Cocoapp.

In order to improve your Internet browsing experience, most websites use small data files called cookies which are saved on your computer.

Cocoapp uses browser memory functions to recognize visitors’ journeys on the site and favor the method available with the advent of HTML5, namely the use of local web storage. However, when HTML5 cannot be used, we use a cookie-based approach (“ cookies “).

Cocoapp uses two types of cookies: persistent cookies, which allow the visitor to be recognized from one session to another, and session cookies which expire when the browser is closed.

These cookies allow us to compile statistics of visits and preferences, to measure site visits, to better understand your use, to assess whether our site meets your needs and to offer you products or services that may be of interest to you. . We also collect the information you enter in site forms in order to provide you with a better experience the next time you complete a site form again. Please note that under no circumstances do these cookies allow data to be extracted from your hard drive or any other personal information whatsoever, and under no circumstances is this information communicated to external organizations .

The site also uses third-party cookies which are installed by servers located outside the site’s domain. These cookies are used to improve the experience on the site, to acquire attendance statistics, to improve our performance and to offer you personalized advertising, retargeting or even follow-up marketing on our products and services both on our site and elsewhere on the web. Although there is a code in the cookie that identifies you as a user, it does not recognize you by your name or address.

You can refuse cookies, ask permission before accepting cookies, or accept cookies from the site at any time by changing your browser settings. You will find information on how to activate or deactivate cookies via the help screen of your browser. You can also refer to for more information. Please note that if cookies are disabled, some features of the site may not work as expected.

By continuing to use this website, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of Cocoapp’s cookie policy.


Cocoapp does not use customer information in any way and does not undertake to rent, sell or share its customer or recipient lists with third parties. Under no circumstances will Cocoapp sell, give or trade your Information to third parties for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the data stored in the CocoApp platform is the property of Cocoapp’s customers and they undertake to comply with this privacy statement.

In general, we use your information when performing the service, for billing purposes, and in some cases, to resolve technical issues.

Cocoapp may have to reveal your information to the competent persons or authorities if this is necessary to comply with legal obligations or to obey a judicial injunction, to protect and defend its rights or to enforce the terms of use of its service.


Cocoapp complies in particular with the Personal Information Protection Act of Canada or any other applicable law as well as the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector of Quebec. Cocoapp employs various measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your information. These measures are intended to prevent the loss or theft of your information, as well as its unauthorized reproduction, modification, use, consultation and disclosure.

Our website and applications are secured using industry recognized technologies. Only authorized personnel may have access to your information, and this, for the sole purposes set out herein or dictated by the service offered. Agreements are also signed between Cocoapp and its employees so that your information is used in a manner consistent with this statement and any applicable laws, rules and regulations.


We are committed to obtaining your consent, should we ever wish to use or disclose your information for purposes other than those specifically described in this statement.

Depending on the nature of the information, your consent may be provided orally, by means of a form or correspondence or, in some cases, implicitly if your consent can be clearly inferred from the actions taken.


Cocoapp retains your personal information for as long as it reasonably needs for the specified purposes for the provision of services or as required by law.

Third party cookies are stored on your browser usually between 30 to 90 days, possibly longer in some cases (eg: Google Analytics cookies).


We try to keep the information in our clients’ files up to date to keep it accurate, complete and up to date. It is therefore important to notify us of any relevant changes in your personal information or business contact information. You can contact us by email at Cocoapp [email protected] in order to correct or validate the information submitted during your registration, or by phone at +1 514-787-9484. You are also authorized to consult your file in order to verify the accuracy of the information concerning you by any means made available to you for this purpose.

Recipients of email messages from our customers are invited to communicate directly with the customer to correct or validate personal information relating to their subscription (s) to these mailings.


This statement may be updated from time to time. Cocoapp reserves the right to modify this declaration at its discretion, adding or removing certain terms.


If you have any questions about this statement, its latest updates, or our practices relating to the collection, use, retention or disclosure of your personal information, or to make a complaint or report abuse of on behalf of third parties, do not hesitate to contact us at this address [email protected] , by phone at +1 514-787-9484 or at the following postal address:

4035 Saint-Ambroise, office 411
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H4C 2E1